With client services, a little care package goes a long way

Today, I received an email from a client partner celebrating my birthday. The contents of the email weren’t dramatic and it probably did not take much effort to create.

However, this small gesture was one of the highlights of my day and went a long way to building my trust with them.

And it wasn’t just the email that resonated. The client had to have a system wherein they monitored LinkedIn for birthdays to know it was my birthday. Again, not a massive undertaking, but it stuck with me so positively that I was very impressed.

Client Care Package Examples

How can we apply this to providing client services? Find your small care package. Here are some random ideas!

  • Establish your own set of client birthdays with email
  • Prepare a care package with champagne and a card for the launch of a new project
  • Learn how your clients take their coffee/tea and place an order for them
  • Establish a weekly/monthly cadence and send a new business trend email to your clients
  • Send an e-card during the holidays

Most important is to let your clients know that you care on a personal level.

Me? I decided to pay today’s kindness forward and purchased an item from a different client’s baby registry.

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