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Breaking the ice

Do you identify more with trees or more with the wind?

This is a simple question we used to ask when prepping for a brainstorming or planning meeting with clients.

The answer to the question didn’t matter. It didn’t provide some psychological benefit for how to move forward with questioning.

But… it really helped to get people talking.

Using an ice breaker for longer meetings

Ice breakers, especially in the morning and with longer meetings, really help to get people talking and interacting.

Don’t believe me? How many times are meetings “wasted” with conversations about the weather or what people are up to next weekend?

Ice breakers help to get the conversation started in a friendly way.

Keep your ice breaker very simple.

Don’t get too cute with the contents of your icebreaker. While most anyone could answer a question like the one in the first paragraph of this post, many people don’t share an affinity for “cute” games, so don’t go overboard.

One simple question without a “yes/no” response is often enough.

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