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The problem with last impressions: a Super Bowl LVII story

I had no stakes in Super Bowl LVII.

I left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Super Bowl LVII was awesome

While I would consider myself a sports and sports entertainment fan, I do not watch all sports that exist.

For example, I do not watch wrestling.

However, in the case of wrestling, I do sometimes plunk down money to watch Wrestlemania with a group of friends. Why? It is a momentous event that happens once per year, and is honestly a lot of fun to watch from that perspective.

In this way, Super Bowl LVII delivered.

The Eagles and the Chiefs battled it out over the course of the game with a close score and a really compelling back and forth.

From the opening fanfare to the Rihanna halftime show, the music was incredible.

I remember turning to my partner and telling her that the game was one of the best I had seen.

Then, with only a few minutes left and the game tied, we arrived at a crucial third down.

Where wrestling and Super Bowl LVII intersect.

One important distinction in my above content is the distinction between sports and sports entertainment.

We know wrestling is fake, but we don’t know if the NFL is real or fake, and its status as “sports entertainment” muddies the waters.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone is in on it. I am not a Chiefs hater. I think the Chiefs were the better team. I don’t have any skin in the game with the success of either team.

But. . . I am a viewer of the entertainment, and the end call of a “hold” in a game with no calls for holds, which single-handedly robbed the Eagles of any opportunity to win the game, robbed the whole experience of its conclusion.

The game which I first called a masterpiece now sits as just a meh game, and all it took was the end call.

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