On celebrating important events

Can you believe it? My mom is retiring today, after decades of service to the public school system.

Don’t tell her employers though. They wouldn’t even front her $26 for a congratulatory lunch.

When my mother told me that her retirement was on a Wednesday at noon, I instantly took the time off and let her know. She was shocked that I was so quick to answer and that I would take time to see her off!

I don’t think that says much about me. I think it says something about the way that people are treated in the workforce.

Mon-Fri, 9-5 is WORK TIME!

My mother worked her butt off to ensure kids got a good education, and her employer couldn’t even be arsed to pay for a lunch. What a shame.

We are all human, and, as such, I try my best to find time to celebrate the finer things in life and celebrate moments with family and coworkers as things happen. What does that look like?

  • Sending teammates a simple happy Monday message
  • Keeping a running inventory of what is important to teammates to ask them about it
  • Keeping a running calendar of birthdays and important life events of family and friends
  • Generally checking in on teammates as time allows
  • Participating in fundraisers or events that are important to those around you
  • Sending an extra note to someone when congratulations are in order

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